As Ambulatory Surgery Centers are rapidly growing throughout our country, with over 430 facilities located in Texas, you may be asking yourself what is an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)? An ASC is a licensed, freestanding outpatient facility that focuses on providing same-day surgical care to patients. When you choose to have a procedure at an ASC, you are getting more benefits than just efficiency with your procedure. The cost of a procedure performed at an ASC when compared to a hospital is typically 45% to 60% less expensive than hospitals, which provides significant savings to patients, insurers and taxpayers. In fact, if all qualifying surgeries were performed at an ASC, Department of Health and Human Services estimated savings of $15 billion for taxpayers and $3 billion for Medicare patients.

When it comes to the satisfaction of care for the patients, many would rather be cared for at an ASC due to the care being more personal. Studies show that 92% of patients were more satisfied with the medical care they received at an ASC compared to a hospital setting. The top 10 hospitals across Texas have satisfaction ratings ranging from 71% to 83% as of January 2021, compared to the top 10 ambulatory surgery centers ranging from 90% to 98% satisfaction rate. Patient satisfaction is incredibly important to an ASC due to the duration of each visit being shorter than most at a hospital. At Texas Midwest Surgery Center, our patient satisfaction core is at 97% as of December 2020. There are many reasons as to why patients and surgeons tend to select an ASC for their outpatient surgical procedures. At Texas Midwest Surgery Center, we continue to uphold and value all the reasons why our patients choose us for their outpatient surgery experience, because at TMSC we get it. At Texas Midwest Surgery Center we provide a superior patient experience through attentive patient care, in a calming environment, while offering our patients a dynamic, cost-effective option for outpatient surgery.